HealthMe: Your digital health shopping assistant

Do you know what food is good for you?

Healthy food- healthy life, fit today fit tomorrow. Be sure what ingredients are in the product what you eat, Especially for people with allergies and intolerances. Healthme creates transparency about what is in packaged products. Healthme puts an end to "complicated" shopping. Simply scan the barcode with your mobile phone and see what is in a product. Individually fast and easy.

Scan, check, shop.

How does it work?

1. Download the App

2. Sign up and enter your profile

3. Clarify your eating habits

4. Go shopping

5. Find the product which fits for you

6. Be safe and enjoy your meal

Solutions HealthMe provides

Find the product that fits best for you

We are a service provider that focuses on providing safe options for people seeking personal health suited alternatives.

Quick and easy

The app works by scanning the barcode of a product, with the help of which the product is classified into two levels (e.g. green/red) to determine how well it fits the respective profile.

Based on your individual profile

Therefore this unique App was created with a personalized profile, a real-time scanning process, options to online shop and customized recommendations.

Our happy users

I personally am very curious. I have been vegan for some time, but I am allergic to celery and can’t eat soy products. It would be great to have an app like HealthMe that says what I can eat safely.
Paula K. (Weinheim)
Psychology student
Traces of nuts in food immediately cause an allergic shock to me. Quick transparency about ingredients would be a huge relief for me when shopping.
Holger St. (Frankfurt)
The trial version of HealthMe is convincing. Shopping is so much easier for me. The products I don't tolerate are displayed quickly and easily:
Anna P. (Karlsruhe)
Architecture student

What motivates me to develop this amazing App

I wanted to find a simple and quick solution for people with allergies and intolerances motivated through a good friend of mine, who has been suffering from various allergies since her childhood.
The daily shopping for her is difficult, she has to read the small print on every package and always lives in the uncertainty that maybe there is a substance in the product that she cannot tolerate.

I realized that thousands, even millions of people feel the same. So, I decided to use my university internship to develop an idea of how I can ensure that people with intolerances can get the important information more easily and reliably. I applied to the Gründer-Institut Heidelberg and developed a business model in 2018, the biggest challenge being the database behind the app.

Fortunately, I found an experienced supporter here, with whose help I was able to solve this problem. Now the app is up and running and about 20 million people should know about it.

Our creative team

“I want to give everyone the chance to find the right products for their health safely and easily. That's what I stand for with my App.”
Victoria Noack
Founder and CEO
International Business BA
Jonathan Rupp
Sales & IT
Psychology BSc
Christian Riesenberger
CEO Better Life UG
Businesspartner & Mentor
Communication Specialist
Mentor & Shareholder

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